8/22/14 A gracious winner


Me: The word mayors should not be capitalized in this sentence.

L: Yes it should.

Me: No, it shouldn’t. It’s a plural common noun plural, not a title. If we were referring to specific mayors, like Mayors Bartlett and Stodola then we…

L (interrupting): Look, those mayors worked hard to get those titles. I will always capitalize it.

Me: What about doctors? For example, “A group of doctors met today.”

L: I’ll always capitalize doctors.

Me: But. But it’s WRONG.

L: I don’t care. If I’m wrong, then I’ll be consistently wrong.

Me: What if someone notices this error and thinks you don’t know your sh*t?

L: No one will notice. They don’t have former English teachers on staff.

Me: *stare*

Me: This is a reflection on me too. People will know I’m involved in this piece of writing. What kind of communications professional lets that stuff pass?

L: Well, if anyone says anything, I’ll say you did it under duress.

K:  Thank you.

(10 minutes later)

L: Ok I researched it. Mayors doesn’t need to be capitalized.

Me: Thank you. I will sleep better tonight.

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8/18/14 Chat with the Doc

My otherwise perfunctory doc was chatty today.

Doc: Let’s schedule you for [procedure] here, if your medical insurance will cover it.

Me: Why wouldn’t it?

Doc: Insurance is like ex-spouses. They don’t like you.

Me: (chuckling) Actually my ex-husband and I get along very well.

Doc: Really?

Me: Yep. We are much better friends than spouses.

Doc: Well, good for you! I hear of that happening more frequently.

Me: I feel fortunate we are cordial. Lots of ex-spouses don’t like each other.

Doc: I think people getting married can sometimes ruin the friendship.

Me: Sometimes.

Doc: I think maybe skip the marrying and co-habitate.

Me: Unless there’s no chemistry. Which we didn’t have.

Doc: Oh. 


Doc: See you in 3 months! 

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8/15/14: Fridiary

In lieu of freewrite Friday, I borrow from internet superstah Grace Helbig , ‘cept mine is blogged not vlogged. 

MON AUG 11 – Twitter: F*ck depression. [context: Robin Williams' death via suicide]

TUES AUG 12 – On the road again…I’m in week 2 of training for the Soaring Wings half marathon. It’s tough to get back into the regular schedule of running. As Shakira sang, my hips don’t lie. Ouch.

WED AUG 13 – Facebook: I feel nostalgic today. Ah, back to school. I loved being a student (yeah, call me a nerd and I will say thank you for the compliment). Like Kerri Jackson Case I salivated over school supplies. I hated BTS clothing shopping. As a (former) teacher, I adored the beginning of school because it gave each student a new opportunity to shine in her/his best way. As an adult, the closest thing I have to that communal fresh BTS start is January 1. And I really do not like New Year’s resolutions. Hm.

THURS AUG 14- Spent the evening with two ladies I’ve wanted to get to know better for a while. I decided recently that if I want to expand my circle of women friends, I need to be intentional. So I am mindful when around new people. What impresses me about these two gals is that they have made, and continue to make, significant, positive changes in their lives. I am inspired by mindful living.

FRI AUG 15 – FB: For my niece & nephews in Alaska! This is how the outsides of windows get washed on a building in the city! The guys knew I was video-ing for you! 






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8/14/14 Throwback Thursday: Dreamy 1993

photo (2)circa 1993: Professional photo shoot. Look at that baby face! And perm….


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8/12/14: Snap, crackle, break

A quick write today…if I wait until I have “time” to develop fully my thoughts…well we know what happens when we wait.

Take a moment to visit my pal Kerri over at The Scourge of Chenal Valley. She has a way with words, that one. This phrase from today’s post hooked me:

…the days start to crackle with the bittersweet energy of something ending…

Isn’t that pretty? Can’t you just feel it? Kerri referred to the last few days of vacation with the realization that summer was winding down and back to school was imminent.

I’m instantly reminded of the endings of intimate relationships. My most recent was in May. In retrospect, (isn’t all hindsight clear?), I can see how the days before the official break crackled with bittersweet energy of it ending. There is nothing clean about the separating of lives, like two pieces of construction paper, blue and yellow glued together, then torn apart…yellow will always have a bit of blue and blue will shine with a bit of yellow. And the two, separated, are never the same as they were as they started apart.

Tell me about some days of yours that crackled.


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8/8/14: RIP, Goldie. Welcome, Lexie!

A few weeks ago, I rear-ended a guy in a very sturdy truck. I thought he was moving. He wasn’t. BAM

photo 3

Fortunately, I was not injured (well, except my pride). The other driver wasn’t injured either. And he wasn’t a jerk about it. Of course he was also driving a truck with a metal bumper that had a wee dent.

photo 2

Golden Collision did their best to save “Goldie,” my trusty 2006 Honda Accord, but USAA declared a total loss. She was good for another 100K miles at least! And no car payment…le sigh.

photo (2)

I was a bit traumatized to see her like this when I cleaned out my “personal effects.”

photo (3)


Really? We needed to remove the inside of the door to inspect damage? I suppose so.photo (1)

So now here is “Lexie” my new Honda Civic LX. Huge thanks to Russell Honda (Stan, Eric, Bobi) for helping me replace Goldie when I came with few resources. Of the 5 cars I’ve owned, only 1 hasn’t been a Honda, and I regretted it. I’m a Honda girl for life. :-)

photo (6)


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8/7/14 Throwback Thursday: Respect 1992

photo (4)

Circa 1992, “talent show” at company party with 2 colleagues, lip syncing RESPECT. Oh, to wear a clingy LBD non-self-consciously!

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