9/19/14 Freewrite Friday

Good morning and happy freewrite Friday, where I set the timer for 10 minutes and write write write.

I feel good…finally!!…after almost a week of not sleeping well…waking at midnight, then hourly afterward…restless legs are back…and fatigue, despite eating well and exercise.

I called my hematologist and am scheduled Monday for a visit with him AND an iron infusion. HALLELUJAH! Yes, low iron. If you haven’t had yours checked and you have similar symptoms, I urge you to do so.

This morning while rummaging for my favorite undies (don’t snort; I know you stash stuff in your drawers too), I found a stack of mini-post-it notes on which my former girlfriend had written sweet sentiments. KAPOW! I had a sad heart moment, remembering our good times. I wondered when we started to go amiss…I suppose it doesn’t matter now, but I am curious to know when we began to break down. I allowed myself to have that moment, then moved on. It’s a relief not to get stuck. That is progress! In the past few months, if I’ve had one of those moments, I’ve stayed in it for days. Today it was less than an hour! I remind myself that just because I’m not stuck in sadness doesn’t mean the relationship wasn’t special. That helps me climb out of that pit.

I bought my first pair of reading glasses. My eye doc said not to be surprised if I started to need a +1 — I don’t really need them, but I think readers can be sexxxxxxy!!! So I got some. I see you shaking your head. It’s ok. You have quirks, too, and I love you.

I’m grateful for friends like Lisa Lu who will watch cool videos like this one, featuring spiders that really do dance. (Other friends begged off watching it, saying they would have nightmares.) I’m grateful for my bestie Tasha B to whom I can send silly unflattering photos of myself and she will send them back. I’m grateful for fathers who take the time to distract their daughters in creative, talented ways. Enjoy your weekend!

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9/17/14 Wordless Wednesday: window washers

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9/11/14 TBT: Vision of loveliness circa 1990 ahhhh Olan Mills!

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9/10/14 Wordless Wednesday: Aunt Louise puzzle

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When I die


This got me thinking…when I die:

  1. No one. NO ONE. is allowed to wear black to my service. Someone resembling Mr. T or Mr. Clean will be the “no-black-attire” bouncer. You wear black, you get bounced.
  2. Everyone gets a glass of champagne upon arrival, in a real glass flute. No plastic. Underage? You get apple juice. Someone should lead a kickass toast.
  3. Open casket. Hire a killer (ha) stylist. I want to look like me, but better.
  4. Puffs brand tissues ONLY. If Mrs. Farthing, my 5th grade teacher, is still alive, ask her why. Basic style, please. No aloe or VICKS for crying out loud (ha).
  5. I’m working on a playlist to be used before and after the service.
  6. Flowers. Lots of flowers. But regular arrangements, please, no horseshoes or arrangements on sticks. If you need to create varied heights for the arrangements, use pedestals. Everyone takes home an arrangement, whether you want it or not.
  7. At the risk of sounding vain, under no circumstances should a memorial run/walk be created for me. Ugh. There are too many.
  8. I reserve the right to add to this list.

WHAT ARE YOUR WISHES? I wanna know…because this bossy b*tch will make sure they are honored.

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9/8/14: Choose your own adventure

Ok all you storytellers. How did this happen? I need a cooler explanation than the real one, which I MIGHT reveal later…photo (1)

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9/4/14 Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd bday to this blog. Happy 45th to me! My friends get me.

(PS I do not own the rights to this song…merely added for effect)

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