4/16/14 Wordless Wednesday: Katie circa 1995?


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4/2/14: Wordless Wednesday


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My brother and sister and their families live in Alaska. I live in Arkansas. I miss them. This is as close as I can be for now.photo (1)

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2/19/14 Wordless Wednesday: Winter train

photo (3)

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Thrifty, thrifty – Spatty Daddy (and family)

I hate waste.  I take leftovers home and eat them. Dish/laundry/hand soap? Shampoo? I put a few teaspoons of water in the container, swoooosh it around and use the very end.  I squeeze every last bit of toothpaste from the tube by folding the end over and securing with a binder clip.

But this was a new discovery that made me very happy.

photo (5)After squeeeeeeezing out the last (or so I thought) bit of lotion from this sample size,  I cut off the top top (or is it bottom) to see how much was left. I’m on my 4th application and there’s still some remaining. HM.

I MIGHT just buy this little doo-dad that I discovered while watching the television show Shark Tank. How do you thrift?

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2/12/14 Wordless Wednesday

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Domestic Domestic: more than made in the USA


photo cred: in arkansas dot com

Once upon a time a little girl I was meandering the streets of a big, cold-hearted town  Kavanaugh Boulevard in the Heights neighborhood in Little Rock. I was despairing to the point of buying cookware at Walmart sad. My soon-to-be-launched reality show life wasn’t going as I thought it would. I stumbled, weeping, stepped into a little kitchen outfitting shop called Eggshells

“HEY!” said a friendly person Heather, smiling, behind the counter. “Mmmmmrt,” said the shop kitty Oliver as he ambled by.

Heather had no idea what those warm greetings brought to me that day. Did it change all the circumstances in my life? Nope. But it warmed the moment and gave me a little moment of happiness.


Heather, Oliver and Sarah. Photo cred: Heather

In the years that followed, in addition to a few All-Clad pots and pans, magnets, dishes, and local foodstuff, Eggshells brought to me an increased awareness of how vital locally-owned businesses are not a nice ‘extra’ to a community…they are the lifeblood of a community.

What you see in the store is only a fraction of what Heather “sold” — she offered her business savvy on many community projects, the effects of which continue to be enjoyed today. She also did many unseen things for people that touched them on a personal and organizational level. I hope that you’ll share your story in the comments.

OK. So. Fast forward several years (and purchases) later: the shop moved into a larger spot on the same street, Katie changed her life and herself to be happier, Heather kept on smiling and…well, Eggshells is now owned by another wonderful person because Heather and her partner have moved to North Carolina for new endeavors.


photo cred: domestic domestic dot com

Enter another stellar household goods shop, DOMESTIC DOMESTIC. Heather has applied her community focus to the nation. Let’s support quality American products and the people who make them. I mean, really, how can a bar of name-brand soap compare to Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick soap? I wanna smell like productivity!

If Domestic Domestic is a fraction of the wonder that is Eggshells, well, I just may have to take a trip.  Yeah, yeah, I could order from the website, but then I wouldn’t get to experience Heather’s warm greeting or feel Oliver brush against my leg.

NOTE: These opinions are my own. I have not received, nor will accept, any compensation from Eggshells or Domestic Domestic.

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